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Winter hot drinks: mulled gin competes with mulled wine

warming. The selection of winter drinks is increasing, including non-alcoholic versions. © Westend61 / Mareen Fischinger

Longing for Hugo, Spritz and Gin on ice? You can also drink the summer loves hot – preferably mixed yourself. We tell how it works.

Hot in winter instead of on ice

It’s cold outside, steam is coming out of the mug. But classics such as mulled wine and punch are increasingly facing competition. According to a survey by the opinion research institute Yougov, 54 percent of people in Germany are not fans of mulled wine.

For them, mulled gin comes into question, which is considered this winter’s trend drink: gin that is heated. Summer drinks like Spritz and Hugo, a mix of wine and elderberry syrup, are now also served hot.

Not all ingredients are on the label

There is a large selection of ready-made mixtures in supermarkets and online shops: in addition to alcohol, they often contain fruit juices, spices, flavorings and sugar and only need to be heated.

But according to the EU Food Information Regulation, suppliers do not have to print on the label what exactly and in what quantities the drinks contain, especially how much sugar and calories. Unlike most packaged foods, this information has not been mandatory for beverages with an alcohol content of more than 1.2 percent by volume.

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Doing it yourself has advantages

If you want to know exactly what ends up in your cup and stomach, you can prepare your own winter drinks. For example, you can adjust or reduce the intensity of spices and sweetness according to your own taste. Another advantage: If children or pregnant women are to drink, alcohol-containing ingredients can be easily substituted.
And that’s how it works: For two mugs of glow gin, mix 200 milliliters each of fresh orange juice and naturally cloudy apple juice in a saucepan. Depending on your taste, season with 4 to 8 cloves, 2 to 3 cinnamon sticks, 1 to 2 star anise and some fresh ginger, heat up and let stand for 20 minutes. Before serving, add 40 to 50 milliliters of gin or non-alcoholic gin.


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