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Price traps in the supermarket: recognize the tricks of the retailers

Promotional offers and advertising brochures are currently very popular – many want to find bargains. Whether milk, oil or meat: in the supermarket, the price increases are clearly noticeable for most.

But not all of the advertised price hits are worth the name. Those who know the typical tricks of the traders will not fall for them and will find real bargains.

Why the shopping tips pay off for you

  • 10 tips from experts. With the help of the advice of our food buyers and testers, you can ignore comfort zones in the supermarket, recognize price traps more easily and filter out real savings offers.
  • From planning to jumbo pack. We tell you how to plan your purchase well in advance, how to track down shrunken pack contents and why bulk packs are not always the cheapest solution.
  • Magazine article as PDF. After activation, you will receive the magazine article from test 11/2022 for download.

With expertise: Advice from everyday testing

The testers and buyers at Stiftung Warentest know their way around supermarkets – based on their expertise, we have put together valuable tips that can be used to save money when shopping. For example, it is worth letting your eyes wander in certain directions in front of the shelf. Read into which.

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The trend: Same price, less content

It also pays to memorize the prices and pack sizes of your favorite products. In this way, for example, the so-called “shrink inflation” – the trend towards less content for the same price – can be tracked down. The consumer centers expect that such inconspicuous product adjustments will continue to increase. Our review lists more examples.

Price drops in the supermarket
Recognize the tricks of the traders

Well planned: Maximize durability as much as possible

In addition to the actual purchase, other adjustment screws can also be turned: For example, those who plan food purchases for the entire week, make lists for them and stick to a budget will get through the month more economically than someone who lets themselves be carried away by spontaneous purchases.

Clever stock-keeping, correct storage and refrigeration, and knowledge of the importance of best-before dates also help ensure that food lasts a long time and remains edible.


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