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Construction work insurance in comparison | Stiftung Warentest

Storm and heavy rain destroy the shell. Or: During the interior work, it becomes evident that the concrete for the floor slab is crumbling. Hardly any builder can afford to start from scratch in such a case. Construction insurance covers such damage and saves the project after all. Stiftung Warentest made a comparison and examined 21 policies.

Comparison of construction insurance
Test results for 21 construction insurance policies

Our study shows that prices and benefits for construction insurance vary greatly. For a 400,000 euro project, the policies cost between 356 and 1,071 euros. But even expensive policies do not always offer all services. If, in an emergency, the decisive service is missing, the project can be on the brink of collapse despite construction work insurance. It is all the more important to find the right policy for your own home – our comparison will help.

Construction work insurance: Why the comparison is worthwhile for you

  • test results. We examined 21 construction insurance policies that are currently individually available on the German insurance market.
  • The most powerful construction insurance. We say what the various offers of protection offer and what they cost depending on the construction sum. With just a few clicks you can determine your personal test winner. We quote prices for two new models (250,000 and 400,000 euros) and a conversion (100,000 euros). With the right policy, you can often save several hundred euros
  • tips and background. We show the minimum deductible that the various insurers require. And explain what they need to consider when taking out insurance and during construction work. You will find out in which cases fire shell construction, residential building or property owner liability insurance makes sense or is even necessary – and how you can benefit from statutory accident insurance.

When does construction insurance kick in?

Even with insurance, builders have to plan carefully and calculate foreseeable risks. Construction insurance steps in when things get worse than foreseeable. In an emergency, it pays for the clearing of the construction sites and assumes the costs of restoring damaged components. Damage from groundwater, lakes or rivers is actually impossible. We say which policies still offer protection in the event of exceptional flooding.
Tip: Even before activation, you can compare the 21 offers and see which products we have collected which data for.

Big differences in protection levels

What the policies offer in terms of protection varies greatly. With most insurers, builders have to contribute 150 or 250 euros to damage. But there is also a provider with full protection with no deductible. Two insurers also offer unlimited compensation for the often ruinously high costs of cleaning up the property or looking for the cause of the damage – while other policies have a cap on the benefit.

How builders can protect themselves additionally

Damage during construction work is by no means the only risk for builders. Above all, you should definitely protect yourself against liability cases.

Our comparison of builder’s liability insurance shows where you can get good and cheap protection.

After completing your home, homeowners insurance is highly recommended. However, it can be worth completing them before construction begins. It also pays if a fire damages the shell. This protection costs extra for construction insurance.



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