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Christmas stollen in the test: how much does a good stollen have to cost?


There is something constant about stollen. It has been a part of Christmas for centuries. And thanks to the raisins, it keeps for a long time. We tasted 18 Stollen and tested them for harmful substances in the laboratory, among other things. The ratings range from good to sufficient. What should make you happy: The best cleat in the test is also our price tip.

Christmas stollen in the test
Test results for 18 studs

Why the stollen test by Stiftung Warentest is worthwhile for you

  • test results. You get quality assessments and detailed test results for 18 Stollen, including yeast pastries from Emil Reimann, Dr. Quendt and Bahlsen as well as from Aldi, Edeka and Netto Marken-Discount. Prices range from 3.80 euros to 30 euros per kilogram.
  • The best stud for you. In addition to the test winner, you will find other recommended products – a total of seven perform well. You can filter the table according to your needs. A click on the product photo in the table takes you to further detailed information such as the fat and sugar content.
  • Ingredient check. Dresdner Stollen must meet strict requirements. But there are also requirements for butter or marzipan stollen. Read what distinguishes the types and whether all providers comply with the specifications.
  • Magazine article as PDF. After activation, you will receive the magazine article from test 12/22 for download.
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Stollen tested for raisin and marzipan fans

All products in the test contain raisins. If you like it classic, choose Stollen with butter. The Dresden tunnels are particularly well-known. But we also tested Stollen without butter. All selected marzipan stollen belong to this group. You will find out which performs best when you activate the test.

Tip: Above under the table of contents you can see and click on all 18 tested products in the photo. Even before activation, you can filter the studs in the database by provider or price, for example.

survey studs
How do you feel about the Christmas classic Stollen with Raisins?

This is how you recognize a real Dresden Stollen

Stollen is a traditional pastry. Dresdner Stollen is under double protection. The Dresdner Stollen Protection Association preserves the name under trademark law. He awards the golden Stollen seal. According to EU law, Dresdner Stollen is registered as a protected geographical indication, recognizable by the blue and yellow EU seal.

Tip: You can read more about the requirements for the stollen in the test in our ingredient check after activation.

Stollen skin clean properly

Fat and sugar make Stollen richer. We did the math: an average 100-gram slice can use up to 32 percent of an adult’s daily fat allowance — and up to 78 percent of the tolerated amount of sugar.

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In the best case with full aroma

With a luxury food such as Stollen, the focus is primarily on the taste. In the best case, it smells and tastes aromatic, with a balance of dried fruit and typical Stollen seasoning. It should be very loose in consistency, but stable when cut.

Five testers trained on cleats tasted all the products in the test. All grades from very good 1.0 to sufficient 4.0 are represented.

Of course, we not only tried the studs, but also analyzed them in the laboratory. The pollutant levels were all very low to low and therefore inconspicuous.

Tip: About taste can not be argued? But it can be evaluated objectively. In the special How do you test taste? learn how.