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Christmas kitchen: Steaming, baking, cooking – and saving energy at the same time

Nobody can avoid the right pot

Simple, but true: even small changes can help save energy. First there is the right pot: It should fit the hob as precisely as possible and should not have a dented base so that no heat can escape between the hob and the pot.

A lid on top – preferably made of glass – so it doesn’t have to be opened all the time to see how far the contents have progressed. A suitable lid reduces energy consumption by around a third.

Tip: We have tested cooking pots, including good and cheap ones in sets of four or five. The right stove can also reduce energy: The good induction hobs in our test heat quickly and economically.

Get out of the oven and onto the stove

The oven doesn’t have to run at full blast for hours for the festive pot roast. Meat cooks just as well in the roaster on the stovetop – and at a much lower temperature. A glass lid further reduces energy consumption.

Vegetable side dishes succeed without liters of bubbling cooking water: They are steamed. Steamed dishes not only save energy, they often taste more intense. In addition, the nutrients are preserved.

Tip: Using a strainer, steam the vegetables in a small amount of gently simmering liquid. You can use salted water or vegetable broth with a dash of white wine, depending on your taste. Close the pot with a lid.

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Baking cookies on several levels

Christmas cookies cannot be made without an oven. With convection or convection ovens, in which a fan distributes the air, two baking trays can be accommodated at the same time. It is important to have enough space between the trays so that the heat can be distributed evenly. Our test of 13 electric built-in ovens shows in which oven biscuits turn out particularly well.

Tip: The guide to eating climate-friendly with the CO2 Challenge offers further tips and tricks on how you can protect the climate without having to become a vegetarian or vegan. It provides suggestions for 50 healthy and sustainable recipes and costs 20 euros.

Only the best for Christmas

Despite the mood of crisis, Christmas enjoyment can be the focus. Stiftung Warentest has numerous culinary recommendations ready:

  • Sweet classic examined: 18 Christmas stollen in the test. Four of them achieved top marks at the tasting.
  • Sustainable holiday meal: From the point of view of environmental protection and animal welfare, there is a lot to be said for deer, wild boar and the like. We have put together tips on buying and preparing them in the Special Wild.
  • Classic companions are a must: You can find the best products in our potato dumpling and red cabbage tests.
  • Helpers for refining: We name particularly aromatic products made of vanilla sugar, pods and pastes.
  • Inspiration abounds: offers recipes on our topic page.
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